Pb Estática

We are the leader enterprise dedicated to soccer stadium advertising. We do business since 1980, always keeping us at the forefront of advertising and technology. Above all, we are sports fans and that same passion we apply it to our work.

We sell advertising space distributed throughout the field. For that we have smartvision devices, designed and strategically located. In all cases, we seek an image that has a goog display both in live TV drawings and print media.

In Pb Estática we are a team of professionals that combines advertising creativity and technical implementation. Our goal is to enrich the sporting event, providing the best visual impact for our clients.

  • 1979

    Carlos Abdo, our founder began working for a company based in Paraguay, marketing the "Copa Sudamericana de Selecciones" (current "Copa America"). At such times fixed posters, made on canvas were used.
  • 1982

    Carlos arrives in Buenos Aires and takes on the challenge of developing the advertising market for local soccer. That's how PB Estática was born, from a passioned soccer fan wanting and with the push to move forward. We started putting fixed posters in televised matches, that were only played on Fridays then. Each club was managed separately, and we dealt with advertising in the stadiums of San Lorenzo, Huracan and River. At the same time, we still were working on marketing the "Copa Libertadores", to which they were adding matches from the "Copa Sudamericana".
  • 1985

    Along with the increase in football broadcasts we expanded our presence. We began to take charge of the AFA tournaments both 1st division as the National B and Summer Tournaments, covering all stadiums. By that time we already work with fixed plastic posters, and also add another novelty: the Tiedros posters, who had three rotating images changing the brand.
  • 1991

    We added a double line of Advertising at the Monumental Stadium of River (called Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti), achieving new perspective exposures for our clients.
  • 1993

    We continue to support the growth of national soccer and accompany the opening of the New San Lorenzo Stadium "Gasómetro" (Estadio Pedro Bidegain) adding a second line of posters.
  • 1996

    We continue to incorporate new tournaments and events, with national and international reach: we handle advertising for the global eliminatory, National Team friendly matches (higher and Under 20), Copa Libertadores, the South American U17, Mercosur Cup and Super Cup. As we continue in the development of local soccer and add to our products edgings behind the loges at the Bombonera (then called Estadio Camilo Cichero)
  • 2000

    We renewed the devices for our customers to take over the stadium. We added the rotating signs for the perimeter of the field, and incorporate publimetas on the sides of the goal.
  • 2003

    We founded our production company, adding more presence in the world of soccer. Our first shows were FANTINO CON TODO, EL SHOW DEL GOL, MISION FUTBOL and the co-production of FUTBOL VIVO casted on América tv
  • 2006

    We incorporate the latest in optical-electronic technology to advertising: LED display systems. This allowed us to further improve image quality and expand the message of our customers. We were able to add text and images to our designs.
  • 2008

    We continue to innovate our devices to generate greater visibility space: we added Publiarcos to all stadiums, achieving exclusive presence in the decisive plays.
  • 2014

    We renewed our LED devices with new technology systems and international standards: we added teams covering the complete U televisation and giving each animation a circular animation sensation.
  • 2015

    We remain committed to the local soccer and we joined the development of its infrastructure. We added fixed led signs in Boca, River, Velez, Lanus, Tigre, Banfield, Independiente, Racing, Gimnasia, Arsenal and Olimpo.

We work to keep us at the forefront of advertising and sport.


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