They are smart vision devices located on the boundary of the playing field. Reproduce millions of colors, text and effects that give dynamism to the message. They allow to show both the brand, such as promotions and display the product. It is the latest in optical High resolution electronic technology . Our LED screens achieve notoriety and visual impact goal to goal.

3D MAT /

They are special carpets located on the sides of the goals. By their design and manufacture they are captured by the cameras with a 3D effect. They give an original vision and notoriety in the best plays of each date.


They are corporeal posters of 2 x 0.40 mts., located in A surrounding form at the base of the goal frame. Adapted to shots taken by TV cameras, this support will make your brand present in the most decisive and with most repercussion of every game played.

Fixed Posters /

Corporeal signs are located around the field. They cover the perimeter from goal to goal giving presence and visibility to the brand


Combs: They are fixed posters and corporeal standing diagonally outside the boundaries of the playing field. They add an original perspective inside the stadium.

Led Screens: they are exclusive screens located in different sectors of the stadium. They generate more exposure and impact levels.

Edgings and prominent signage: They are special spaces that are combined with the infrastructure of the stadium.